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The Time Line

This special, very engaging program draws on the collective experience of an entire group or department. The Time Line takes participants through the triumphs and the disappointments of their organization’s history and launches the team into an ideal future. It is ideal for re-energizing morale and enthusiasm when an organization has been going through successive periods of change.

Applying the research of anthropologists, this program utilizes the telling of stories and shared history to create a sense of cohesiveness that integrates individual perspectives and values with the interests of the whole. Entertaining and enjoyable, the Timeline is less a presentation than an exercise in teamwork. People at all levels have the opportunity to participate at a level that is comfortable for them. While the exercise involves presentations from a variety of subgroups, the atmosphere grows quickly collegial and a sense of good humor and mutual respect prevails. This workshop provides participants with increased understanding of their colleagues and themselves in an organizational context where old vs. new paradigms compete for validation. A frequent addition to development programs, this meeting provides a shared experience that improves morale, enables teamwork and builds a powerful foundation for the success of future initiatives.

Ideally, 30 or more managers and team members

Two to four hours

Participation, presentation, illustration
Note: a long (40’-60’), uninterrupted wall is desireable for posting the timeline.

Specifically, this program is designed to:

  • Create a sense of community among a large group
  • Expand the group's ability to recognize, understand, appreciate their shared history
  • Graphically demonstrate the richness and creativity of the institutional resource that exists within a group
  • Address differences of perspective and experience increasing respect and partnership
  • Supply a vehicle wherein a large group of participants can appreciate each other’s uniqueness in a relatively short time
  • Provide an entertaining and positive development activity for large groups