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Thinking Styles and Organizational Effectiveness

Frequently used as a team-building kick-off for major change initiatives, this special presentation is based on the concept of left and right-brained thinking. The program focuses on the practical application of research on cognition in terms of innovation, working cross-functionally, teamwork, leadership and effective communication Using the presenter’s years of research with leaders and managers in Fortune 500 companies, it dramatically demonstrates the effect of thinking style preference on the day-to-day work of individuals and organizations.

Understanding and responding clearly to the way others think can powerfully impact the success of any initiative. This program provides participants with tools for understanding their customers and their colleagues, their managers, their opposite numbers across functional areas, and, most important, themselves. A frequent addition to programs directed at preparing managers and teams involved in major cross-functional change, this seminar has a catalytic effect on organizations - providing a vocabulary that enables candid discussion of differences, and building a powerful foundation of respect and collegiality among managers.

25 or more executives, managers, team members

Lecture, discussion, instrumentation and demonstration

One half day customized presentation

Specifically, this customized seminar is designed to:

  • Expand the group's ability to recognize, understand, appreciate and
    exploit ways of thinking different from their own
  • Address differences of perspective and focus among those at work in
    different roles or functions, increasing respect and partnership
  • Suggest new ways to design project groups and work conceptually that will lead to increased innovation and effectiveness
  • Equip participants with skills for communicating more effectively with other members of cross-functional teams, as well as with customers
  • Provide an interesting and entertaining development activity for large groups

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Whole Brain to Work, Harvard Business Review. July/August 1997.